Our Vision

To create a just and equitable society, where individuals are respected as human beings, and where we can all live without fear.

Our Mission

To challenge systems of privilege, and explore the individual and social impacts of oppression through experiential education and programming for youth and adults of diverse backgrounds.

Our Values

We RESPECT our shared humanity, and believe in the inherent worth of all people.

We create SOCIAL CHANGE through our belief in the power of equity, and by courageously challenging systems of oppression that erode human dignity.

We foster a safe COMMUNITY where trust and honesty is reached through direct communication, supported by the wealth of human knowledge and experience.

We promote EMPOWERMENT of marginalized communities and all individuals, valuing their contributions and supporting their efforts to achieve equality.

We commit to tireless EDUCATION, exploring all levels of oppression and privilege, acting upon and promoting the knowledge further.

We maintain ACCOUNTABILITY, personally and as responsible stewards of community resources, working continuously to improve the quality of service.

We embrace PARTNERSHIP, holding ourselves accountable to the broader movement for progressive social change, and actively seeking allies that support our values and mission.

We seek authentic, respectful INCLUSION of all backgrounds, belief systems, linguistic and cultural styles, and distinct world views.

We support SUSTAINABILITY through practices that enhance, uplift and protect children, their families and the communities in which they live.