From 1990-2001, Camp Odyssey, founded by Oregon's American Leadership Forum Class III, served over 1000 teens and young adults throughout the Pacific Northwest. Forever changed by that experience, in 2009 a group of alumni initiated a revival; formed The Piece, an umbrella for Camp Odyssey and secured 501c3 non-profit status in 2010; and gained both Governor Kulongoski's and Kitzhaber's designations as a 2011 Oregon Solutions Project. In the three Camps since revival, Odyssey has served almost 200 teens from around Oregon.

The Piece dba Camp Odyssey remains true to the original vision "to create a just and equitable society" via a two-phase program beginning with a weeklong residential Camp, followed by a Year Round Program. An innovative leadership diversity program, the vision is achieved through an experiential approach to social justice and engagement, integrating both Intersectional and Multiculturalism Theories into all Camp and Year Round program methodology. Odyssey seeks youth from all backgrounds, particularly marginalized groups.

The Piece and The Odyssey Program are led by a Program Administrator and Board of Directors. Our work is guided by an Advisory Council comprised of original founders, staff and mentors, and also supported by the Oregon Solutions Team, various statewide and local agencies, organizations, foundations and individuals.


Mitch Fantin, Executive Director


[email protected]

The Piece Board of Directors

Kellie Holloway, Co-Chair

Kellie attended Camp Odyssey in 1997 and has become a skilled camp director and program coordinator since, with nearly 10 years of experience running The Odyssey Program. Her extensive knowledge and contagious passion for Odyssey enable her to effectively present the program to potential partners and funders.

Kayla Johnston, Co-Chair

Kayla provides the Piece with a comprehensive knowledge of social justice issues and guides policy decisions with an informed understanding of the needs and considerations of marginalized communities. Her experience in the fields of gender equity, family law, and youth of color are invaluable to The Piece, its programs, and the youth it serves. Kayla has volunteered as camp staff for the past 3 years and works closely with youth alumni throughout the year.

Linh Ngo, Secretary

Linh attended Odyssey as a teenager in 1990 and was a driving force in reviving it in 2011. Linh continues to fight tirelessly for the program’s longevity and sustainability in multiple roles within the organization. She has played an integral part in advancing The Odyssey Program for the past 25 years, particularly through her proven fundraising and organizational management skills.

Aimee Foster, Treasurer

Aimee plays an essential role in ensuring the sustainability of The Piece and The Odyssey Program - by contributing her financial management skills. Her background as a CPA and her enthusiasm for community organizations are the perfect balance for our organization.

Megan Malone, Director

Megan brings a vast base of knowledge in conflict and dispute resolution and has served as an effective community ambassador for The Piece, particularly in advancing a strong partnership with the University of Oregon School of Law. Megan specializes in power, privilege, and race mediation.

Anj Lineback, Director

Anj brings 15 years experience in the administration of youth programs. Her academic background in health education and social work, combined with her access to an extensive network of social service providers, are invaluable to The Piece’s success at building broad coalitions and reaching vulnerable communities.

Chris Palmer, Director

Chris brings valuable experience from his tenure supervising the Center for Gender Equity at Pacific University. Additionally, his graduate work in philosophy has prepared him to become an excellent grant writer for The Piece.

Haley Halsey, Director

Haley has quickly become a go-to expert on the operational and logistical components of Camp Odyssey since attending as a camper in 2011. She plays a crucial role in staff development and training, working closely with Odyssey youth leaders.

Carly Redwine, Director

Carly is a strong voice that represents a youth perspective on our board. Her insight and wisdom have shaped the evolution of Odyssey’s curriculum to remain current and relevant for today’s teens.

Tom Gevurtz, Director

Tom has served The Piece for several years as a volunteer at our residential camp and member of our curriculum development team. As a board member, Tom contributes his knowledge on organizational structure and practices gained from his graduate work in Public Administration.

Advisory Council

Mary Ferrell, ALF Class XXIV, Executive Director, The Maslow Project

Tom Fuller, ALF Class I, Shiels Obletz Johnsen, Inc.

Jeff Golden, ’90 Camp Odyssey Founder, ALF Class III,
Founder, Immense Possibilities

Gloria Gostnell, ’90 Camp Odyssey Founder, ALF Class III,
Consultant, enter for Courage and Renewal

Dr. Tillie Makepeace, ’90 Camp Odyssey Staff,
Washington State Programs Director, Janus Youth Programs

Dennis Morrow, ’90 Camp Odyssey Founder, ALF Class III,
Executive Director, Janus Youth Programs

Tom Nelson, ’90 Camp Odyssey Founder, ALF Class III,

Bob Speltz, ALF Class XVIII,
Director of Public Affairs, The Standard

Community Consultants

Jayme Armstrong, Capacity Building Taskforce Consultant

Joni Cady, Staff '12, Grantwriting Consultant

Hillary Crane, Grantwriting Consultant

Samuel Esparza, Staff '92, Curriculum Consultant

Debbie Glass, Grantwriting Consultant

Jessica Grindell, Grantwriting Consultant

Lexis Hamilton, Webmaster

Hector Roche, Oregon Solutions Team '11, Senior Equity Manager,
Portland Public Schools

Art Viloria, Staff '90, Consultant,
State of Oregon, DHS

Cinnamon Williams, Finance Consultant

Odyssey Youth Council 2015

Jourdin Foster-Morrison

Gabriel Genel-Torres

Gabriel Gutierrez

Lexi Moyer

Lizbeth Perez Miguel

Lucas Stiff Arm

David Westerkov

Rayna Zohar